Travel with me….:)

Why should you come on a photo tour with me? Because I make it all about you….:) The trips I run as photo tours are about you being in the best possible position to learn and capture amazing images. And it starts before we even leave the country. Each photo tour includes a full day workshop to help you prepare for the trip. It is an opportunity to ask any questions about taking images, equipment, how to look after your equipment, what to expect on the tour, what you can do before the trip to make the most of your time away as well as time to meet and get to know the other members on the trip.

My focus during the journey is to help you see photo opportunities that you may otherwise miss, help you to learn how to best capture them, and then show you how to work through the workflow process so your images are ready for print or sharing with friends and family. I aim to help you become self-sufficient in your image making so you are able to apply your knowledge to other trips or outings once you return home. All trips also include detailed notes on how to best improve your image making so you have a comprehensive list to reference in the future.

Please feel free to contact me to express interest in travel with me for the future and I will be sure to let you know what options are being developed. 

 Kathmandu 2018

Join me on this Travel Photography Workshop in one of the most amazing cities on earth, Kathmandu Nepal. More info HERE



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