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Kokoda Advertising Campaign Shoot

I was lucky enough to shoot in PNG recently for an Ad Campaign promoting the Kokoda Track. As I have been guiding in PNG for the last 10 years, it was rare with the responsibilities of a group to be able to film or take photos as much as I would like to. This time however I had plenty of time and opportunity to (mostly) film and photograph  this amazing part of PNG. And now the process begins of creating a 60 second ad out of almost 8 hrs of footage. The main focus is the experience people have while on the Track. The experience of taking on such a challenge, meeting the local people, reflecting on the history of what happened there and of course paying respect to the soldiers who change the coursed of the Second World War.

We were lucky enough to have fairly good weather for the trip, something I was glad for given the amount of camera equipment I took with me. It meant I was able to shoot most times of the day with little restriction. Of course I still had to deal with the usual challenges of filming in such an environment. However with great support from our local crew and a thorough knowledge of the track, we were able to capture some fantastic footage, not only for the campaign but future stock requirements and advertising content. If you are interested, I will be guiding another trip (my 15th) back across Kokoda next year in August. Contact me here if you would like more info. Keep an eye on this space for the release of the ad.


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