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An alternate view of Namche looking in the other direction from the previous image I posted. Looks great no matter what direction you are facing.

NPL 12 SI_0258.jpg

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The classic view of Namche in the Everest region of Nepal. Snow capped peaks, blue skies and a village on the side of a mountain. Some of the best scenery in the world.

NPL 12 SI_0231.jpg

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Bridge Crossing in the Everest Region

One thing you have to become comfortable with, is crossing long bridges when trekking in the Himalaya of Nepal. They can be a little stressful, but the views are definitely worth it…:)

NPL 12 SI_0223.jpg

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Forests of Southern Nepal

I have had the pleasure of travelling to Nepal on serveral occasions, most times for work. This is an image from Chitwan National Park in Southern Nepal, right next to the Indian Boarder. Definitely a beautiful part of the world.

NPL 12 SI_0119.jpg

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Returning to Nepal

My images of Kathmandu, Nepal have a very different significance for me now…. simply cannot wait to be back over there, meeting with old friends and introducing new people to a beautiful country…. helping to make them feel as welcome as I always have…..
Photographer: Damian Caniglia
All Rights Reserved
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Preserving the Ancient – Thangka Painting

Preserving the ancient form of Buddhist Painting, the Thangka. I was fortunate enough to speak with a 14th generation grand master of this ancient art form and his apprentice on how it has changed in his lifetime and the importance of its preservation.

Preserving the Ancient – Thangka Painting from Damian Caniglia on Vimeo.

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Himalayan Success in Nepal

This year I was fortunate enough to travel back to Nepal for a month, including taking a group to Everest Base Camp. The weather as usual for this time of year, was perfect, albeit with a little more snow than usual thanks to a 3 metre dump about 4 weeks earlier. Luckily though it did not stop us from all achieving our goals and 4 major high points, all over 5300mtrs. While the crossing of Cho-La was challenging, due to the snow, to say the least, we made it over in clear but difficult conditions, the major benefit seeing and experiencing the pass under snow, something not too many people are lucky enough to do.

Traditionally the peak season for trekking in Nepal as always been around late September and October. This was the fourth time I had trekked a little later in the season, with the main benefits being more stable weather conditions and fewer people, although temps are generally lower. This year was no different with clear skies and quieter lodges for our accommodation. Trekking in Nepal is a fantastic holiday experience. Anyone who has been there will attest to an experience unlike any other. Most who visit become hooked and almost always return to a different area of the Himalaya.

Next year I will be running a travel photography workshop for 5 days in Kathmandu, a perfect extra add on if you are thinking of visiting this amazing country. Go HERE if you would like more info on this trip.

Below are a few images, mostly from the mountains. Of there are many more to come…:) Hope you enjoy…. Damian


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Travel Photography Presentation

Join me on September 18 at Back Track Adventure Travels for an evening presentation on how to best approach travel photography including information on equipment choices, carrying your gear, preparing for different weather conditions and of course being in the right place at the right time to get the ultimate shot.

Having had the opportunity to film and photograph in many diverse environments from shooting wildlife and landscapes in the national parks and deserts in Africa, the jungles of Papua New Guinea on the Kokoda Track and the high Himalaya of Nepal, I have been fortunate enough to learn through experience what is needed to not only get the ‘shot’, but to come home with equipment that still operates.

Working with Mark Robinson, an adventure consultant from Backtrack Adventure Travel we will also be sharing details about 3 planned tours perfect for photographers, to Nepal, Africa and Antarctica. I look forward to seeing you there. Please follow THIS LINK to book your spot today. This is a free event!!

_MG_0736.jpg_MG_0968_v2.jpg_MG_2720.jpg_MG_3069a.jpg_MG_4735.jpg_MG_5628.jpg_MG_7671.jpg_MG_8092a.jpg_MG_9203.jpg_MG_9996.jpgIMG_0030.jpgIMG_0037.jpgIMG_0254.jpgpano 3.jpg

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Nepal – The Himalayan Kingdom and its People Exhibition

So my solo exhibition opened last night and I am so glad to say it was a huge success. With approximately 120 people through the doors and 8 images (6 limited editions) sold by the end of today and an overwhelming positive response to the images, I could not be happier. The best part was catching up with old friends, seeing people make new connections, and generally everyone having a fantastic time.

Nepal has long held a special significance for me, both personally and professionally. When I received my images from my lab after my first trip, I know I wanted to be a photographer full time. Many years later and my third trip, 2nd to Everest Base Camp, I am able to share my latest work with many wonderful people and show the essence of this amazing country and why it is so special to me. To have so many of my images printed so beautifully and on display was something words just cannot describe. So many photos rarely make it to the print stage it was great to see so many on walls.

Of course to make it all happen is no easy task, and I had many people working hard behind the scenes. Darren Jew from Living Image who did all my printing and what a wonderful result it was. Special thanks also to Ian Poole and Cam Attree (directors along with Darren Jew at foto frenzy) who also supported me in the image decision and layout process along with helpful advice along the way. Many friends and family came to the opening to support my work and the show, something I am so hugely thankful for. And of course my partner Belinda, who helps and supports me in ways that simple make it possible for me to be away from home so much following my passion. With the support I know I have, it makes being away from home just a little easier.

Of course, it’s not over yet. My exhibition is on show for the next few weeks so please be sure to head on down to foto frenzy to check it out. If you do, I hope you enjoy it. Take care….Damian

Foto Frenzy Promo


If you would like to check out the images online, be sure to go HERE!!!

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