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SUP Burleigh Heads

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been interested in stand up paddle boarding, but this sunrise and image made me change my mind….:)

GC 14 SI_0030.jpg

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Burleigh Heads

Fantastic view of Burleigh heads lifesaving club at sunrise…… wonderful colours at this time of the day…:)

GC 14 SI_0028.jpg

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Main Beach Sunrise

One of the many things I love about taking photos in natural environments is the diversity of light and weather. I always aim to show a place in ho it can be, no matter what it looks like.

GC 14 SI_0025.jpg

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Surfer on the Gold Coast

Lots of ocean and surfing images at the moment…… I’m tending to post in stages and locations…Nepal is coming up soon…:)

GC 14 SI_0017.jpg

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Miami Surfer

Fantastic view of a surfer looking South from Miami with Burleigh Heads in the background on the Gold Coast.

GC 14 SI_0012.jpg

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Sunlit Streams

Beautiful sunrise image looking over the ocean on the Gold Coast. No better way to start the day. Enjoy…:)

GC 14 SI_0010.jpg

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Happy 2016

I know this is a little late but hope you are all enjoying your start to the new. We are enjoying a little bit of change by now living on the Gold Coast with beaches and rainforest not too far away. Hope it has been a great start to the year and looking forward to another year of spending time in beautiful places. Take care….:)

GC 15 SI_0014.jpg


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Custom Art

I had the pleasure recently of revisiting the Grand Golf Course on Queenslands Gold Coast for a family lunch. Last year I was commissioned to create a wall piece for one of its founding members based around a tree on the course that had been in place since the course was first developed, originally designed by Greg Norman. It is such a relaxing place to visit and was hard to leave to say the least.

It reminded me of the many requests I have had to create custom art based around a location or theme. Hope you enjoy this one…. Take care, Damian

Final Edit web.jpg

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Ocean’s 11

Well if summer is coming, it has arrived early…somewhat. Temps have been at a record high for many parts of the East Coast and everyone has certainly been enjoying the ocean. Here are a few images I have shot over the last couple of years from various parts of the coast…. Hope you enjoy…:)

TB 9 Jan 2012_03.jpgTB 10 Jan 2012_01.jpgTB 27 Dec 2011_01.jpgTB 27 Dec 2011_07.jpgTB 10 Jan 2012_04.jpgTB 27 Dec 2011_05.jpgpano 10.jpgTB 27 Dec 2011_06.jpgTB 7 Jan 2012_02.jpgTB 9 Jan 2012_01.jpgTB 9 Jan 2012_04.jpg


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