Nepal is such a significant country for me. It was the first major expedition trek I completed and the first time I travelled somewhere that was really out of my comfort zone. Now it feels like a second home.

I have worked and travelled many times in Kathmandu and throughout Nepal and it is a destination that keeps drawing me back. After a successful solo exhibition of photographic stills in 2013 containing work I have photographed there, I returned with the intention of showing Kathmandu in what was a new way for me. Through motion, I wanted to help the viewer be further immersed in this fabulous city and experience a small taste of what daily life has to offer.

Please enjoy the below small introduction to this film. It can be purchased on DVD, Blu-Ray and soon to be pay per view at resolutions up to the stunning detail 4K, Ultra HD can offer. I hope you enjoy and thank you for supporting my work.

Take care


Purchase your copy of Kathmandu – Kingdom City of Nepal below.

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Pay per view option coming soon