I’ve been very fortunate to follow and combine my passion for time in natural places and time behind a camera into a full time career. Travel has taken me to some wonderful places in the world with many on the horizon for future exploration. It is my absolute passion to show the beauty of our natural world, the people that live within it and the cultural history that shapes who they are.

My images are available to purchase as prints, either as Limited or Open Edition to help bring the wonder of the natural world into your home or office space. They are available in various sizes and on various mediums to best display their natural colour and detail.

My work includes photographing stills and filming up to 4K Ultra HD for many different outputs and uses, from documentaries and storytelling projects through to advertising campaigns and building of stock libraries. I have also worked with photographers of varying skill levels to help improve their ability to show their view of the world through visual story telling as well as workflow and digital asset management both in Australia and internationally.

I’ve worked in many challenging environments and countries with different cultural backgrounds including the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Nepalese Himalaya, Southern Africa and Antarctica. I am available to help develop any project that needs documenting and presentation in a visual format as well as having extensive networks to help in logistical planning. I am based in Australia and am available for projects locally and internationally. 

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