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Springbrook National Park

Recently I had a lovely morning out with a group of photographers taking advantage of the perfect weather opportuntity in Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast Hinterland. Not only was it overcast, great for rainforest shooting, it was also a little chilly meaning less people keen to venture out onto the trails. We had plenty of opportunity to capture some lovely images of Natural Bridge, a famous waterfall and rock structure in the area. Hope you enjoy a few images from the shoot below.


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New Galleries and Images from Africa

Happy to launch new images and galleries that were shot through Southern Africa. Check them out HERE….:)

AFRCA 12 OE_0050.jpgAFRCA 12 OE_0346-c15.jpgAFRCA 12 OE_0793.jpgAFRCA 12 OE_0867-c80.jpg

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The Beauty of Ice

Having spent a lot of time in the Himalaya, I have seen a lot of ice. Nothing prepared me for the simplicity and beauty of Antarctic Ice. The Himlayan stuff is still beautiful. In fact it still takes my breath away every time I visit (you can come with me this year details HERE). Ice in the Polar regions is something special. I am very looking forward to seeing it in the Northern Hemisphere next year (if you want join me). Check out the full gallery of images that makes up my Limited Edition Book, Journey South.

ANTRC 14 LE_0034-c23.jpg

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New Antarctica Gallery

New galleries with Images from my recent Antarctica Exhibition are now online. You can check them out HERE. And of course my limited edition book is available for purchase HERE. New gallery is on its way with all images that appear in the book available for purchase as single porints only. Watch this space..:)

ANTRC 14 LE_0003-c35.jpg

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