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Welcome to my new website!!

Well after an extended development time purely due to just being too busy, my new site is done…. and just in time. I head away for PNG for my 13th crossing of Kokoda tomorrow and come home for my solo exhibition, Nepal – The Himalayan Kingdom and its People, which I hope to see you all there on opening night, the 12th of July.

There are some very definite changes I have made for the latest version of my online presence. The biggest is the inclusion of online selling of images I have photographed on various travels as well as home in Australia. I will also soon have some samples of the video and multimedia productions I have been working on for the last 2 years, mostly in the mental health sector. For now you can enjoy a quick piece I put together promoting my upcoming exhibition from Nepal here. 

While the coming months will see a further refinement for my website and more content added, please check out its latest and most current incarnation. Hope you enjoy….Take care


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